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Giver's Reply - Ramona Córdova

Sometimes when you talk about
your life as you live it out
your eyes want to scream and shower
at lies that were given out

you should know
should i know

so then you try to turn around
and figure life is all about
the happiness you find
in a simple lullaby

and you will try to take it out
by stomping 'round the fertile ground
and killing little seeds of a grass that's yet to be

and you will find

me in the make of a melody
you in the heart of the harmony
timing the time that we start to sing
long with the time of you heart beat

and we will be rid of the weight
that's been placed upon or little backs
a weight that surely had to crack
and i will shout out to the sky
and i'll sing aloud my little songs
that help me move the day along.